Сборник - Космо Вселенная музыка (2015) MP3

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Название: Космо Вселенная музыка
Исполнитель: Сборник
Год: 2015
Жанр: Space, SynthDisco, Electronic, Spacesynth, Other
Страна: All World
Продолжительность: 10:23:50
Формат/Кодек: MP3
Битрейт аудио: 320 kbps


001.StarRider - Promo Mix
002.Eguana - In Space
003.Electron - Symphony Of The Fairies
004.Alphawave - Mystery Invader
005.Cyber Space - Sonar Exploration
006.Haggeman - Trip To Needlehawk
007.Prodomo - The Conqueror
008.J Krafft - The Human Race Gold Rush
009.Everdune - Time Of Magic
010.Abakus - Under The Stars II
011.Super Vox - Magic Delight
012.Falcon - Starclouds
013.Dreamtime - Return To Macross
014.Cyber Space - Free My Body
015.Mulperi - Rainbow In The Night
016.Mark Vera - Rainbow Racer
017.Lahniz - Troubled Laser
018.Mark Vera - Protocosm
019.Arnd Stein - Silent Space
020.Galaxy Hunter - Silver Moon
021.Gustaf Grefberg - Open Fields
022.The Digital Jupiter - The Glory Of The Space
023.Sandsea - Swedish Spacecloud
024.Space Garden - The Glory Of The Space
025.A.M.Samurai - Conthest Theme
026.Abbsynth - Nord Sea
027.Es 15 - The Return Of Es 15
028.Synthetic Dream - Synthetic Dream
029.Cyber Space - Electronic Dream Of Robot
030.Stars Of Ethernity - Spiral Hands On My Voice
031.Axis Mundi - Uncharted Territory
032.Jan Schipper - The Underground
033.Synthesis - Mysterious Dimension
034.Daylight - Galaxy War
035.Ernesto - Escape In The Galaxy
036.Hypnotix - Orion II
037.Thierry David - Plenty Of Space
038.Ernesto - Time Is Money
039.Vangelis - Alpha (alb.«Cosmos»)
040.Hyperyon - Star Of Love
041.Italo4ever - Baby's Gang America
042.Mark Vera - Twilight Imperium
043.Marco Rochowski - Star Crusader
044.Trilithon - Direct Live
045.Synthaurion - New Life
046.F.D.Project - Night Walk
047.Diskomplex - Diskophilia
048.Christopher Franke - Morphing Space
049.Marcel De Van - Activate
050.Synthronic - Another Dimension
051.Digimax - Galactiko
052.A.Slavia - Transfiguration
053.Empty Area - Stars Above Omega
054.Cyberman - Sunrise
055.Digimax - Infinite Dreams
056.Mirra - A Day In Space
057.See New Project - Breathing Space
058.Cat's Disco Lab - Russian Theme
059.Beyond The Limits & Dreamtime - Space Battle
060.Italo4ever - Active Force
061.Space Project - Phantom Ship
062.Berk Van Ozden - Earth Challenge
063.Italo4ever - Cosmic Life
064.MindXpander - Galaxy Surfer
065.Oceania - Always
066.Ernesto - Discovery Mission
067.The Klash - Star Travellers
068.Synth.nl - Nimbostratus
069.JSC Project - Martian Power
070.Position High - Enchantress
071.Koto - Time
072.Dreamtime - Before The Dawn
073.Marco Rochowski - Distant Memories
074.Abbsynth - Starlines
075.Space RockerZ & Pulse & Sphere - Rush Hour
076.Rygar - Star Tracks
077.Electron - Lights Of Stalingrad
078.Johan Koskela - Fysical
079.Jan Schipper - Paradise
080.Electron - Katana Fighter
081.Discomax - Waiting For Love
082.Space Garden - Starship Troopers
083.Ernesto - Irreversible Echos
084.Empty Area - Nautilius Of Stars
085.Tom Lacy - Welcome To The Future
086.Germind - Option Of The Future
087.Space Project - The Return Of Space Raiders
088.Ernesto - Space Force
089.Discomax - Cat's Pleasure
090.Macrocosm - Morning In The Dark
091.Anosphere - Sun Reflector
092.Software - Space Design
093.Thierry David - Surfing The Blue Orbit
094.Galaxy Hunter - Children Of Planet Earth
095.Syntech - Foreign
096.Impressum - Space Vampires
097.Krystof Radomski - Above The Zenith
098.Vangelis - To The Unknown Man
099.Syntech - Second Thoughts
100.Nik Tyndall - Trance In Space
Дополнительная информация: Космо Вселенная музыка - инструментальная музыка с высокими тактами синтезаторов, где основное внимание уделяется мелодии вместо ритма. Основу стиля составляли энергичные бас-дорожки, запоминающиеся риффы синтезаторов, создаваемые под влиянием научно-фантастических произведений.
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